Jetsons meets Eames

Dexel Crafted Boomerang Chair

In another passion-turned-company, Kurt Dexel decided to take his self-taught woodworking craftsmanship and engineering knowledge to create a line of mid-century, Danish-inspired furniture: Dexel Crafted. Melding highly angular lines with Dexel’s creations vary from coffee table to seating, but nothing better embodies his work (to us) than the Boomerang Chair (~$4,000). Inspired by a triangular piece of off-cut (leftover wood from other cuts), the chair is almost abrasively angled at first glance, but the combination of warm, hand-rubbed black walnut and maple combined with black leather mitigate the corners for a result that can really only be described as ravishing – just make sure it resides in an equally ravishing room.

Buy Now: $4,000