Libations and Victuals

Gift Guide 2010: The Partaker

Good food and drink can alter a man’s mood better than even the strongest prescription drug, particularly when we play a part in preparing said food and drink. While taste, skill and devotion will always determine how your ventures into gastronomy and mixology turn out, we’ve compiled items in this guide that can lend a helping hand. Whether you choose to let guests or family in on these secrets is something we’ll leave entirely up to you.

“Butter vs. Margarine ? I trust cows over scientists.” – Anonymous

The Meadow Smoked Salt Set

Salt may be the world’s most popular spice but that doesn’t mean every shaker’s contents stand on equal footing. Taste a few pinches from the various jars in this unique set and you’ll discover just what we mean.

More | $58

Komforte Chockolates

Chocolate flavored with French Toast, Ramen Noodle, or Salt & Lime might sound like late night, munchies-inspired combos to some but that shouldn’t stop you from giving all of Komforte Chokolate’s unique offerings a try.

More | $3

Café Du Monde Beignet Mix

Just because you’ve never made it to New Orleans doesn’t mean you should deny your pallet the chance to experience the city’s signature fluffy, deep-fried dough coated in powdered sugar. Yup, bacon just got jealous.

More | $3

The Essential New York Times Cookbook: Classic Recipes for a New Century

No one expects you to whip up original dishes off the top of your head but they do expect you to know how to pick the right recipes to pull from. Keep this soon-to-be classic on your shelf and they’ll have no reason to worry the next time you put on a chefs hat.

More | $24

The Smoking Gun

In Valhalla everyone might have the time to patiently smoke food to perfection but down here time is a luxury. Thanks to the smoking gun, cooks can still capture a semblance of that amazing smoked flavor minus the bags of wood pellets and trips outside.

More | $100

Presso Hand Pressed Espresso Maker

Get your caffeine fix any where you damn please without worrying about electricity. Plus if Skynet really does come to take over one day, it may take the very device you’re reading this on, but it won’t take your coffee!

More | $150

Dean & Deluca Vial Spice Rack

If cooking is all about experimentation, consider this your chemistry set.

More | $165

Boker Black Ceramic Kitchen Knives

Granted you know the right cutting techniques, sharp knives can counter-intuitively help ensure that you retain each of your digits while saving time and making better food. Boker’s Black Ceramic Kitchen Knives may not hold a monopoly on being sharp, but their blacked out styling certainly helps them look good on the job.

More | $70-$100

Weber Performer Grill

Why agonize over buying a gas or charcoal grill when you can own one that does both without slamming your wallet?

More | $330

Ribs, Chops, Steaks, & Wings by Ray Lampe

You plus meat plus open flames may typically result in awesomeness, but there’s no shame in taking a few tips from the pros. Remember, it’s your stomach that stands to benefit from just a pinch of humility.

More | $14 | More:

Crate & Barrel Lobster Pot

Boil and bubble your favorite seafood, minus the trouble.

More | $55

Quad Timer Cooking Timer

Since timing is everything when it comes to cooking and most good meals consist of more than one dish, we’re consistently amazed at kitchen timers that track only one thing. Thankfully the Quad Timer can track up to four separate tasks at once and help get the term “burnt” out of your cooking vocabulary.

More | $30

Personalized Gallon Tabasco Jug

A gallon of hot sauce with your name on it. Are there any further questions?


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