Biking hipsters rejoice

DZR Urban Cycling Shoes

The problem with owning a nice bike is that it probably requires you to own shoes that can best be described as a cross between soccer cleats and aqua socks. They’re ideal for long trips and training sessions, but taking a quick ride to the park or into the city for a bite to eat requires you to bring a change of shoes. Not so quick though because solutions exist. DZR Urban Cycling Shoes ($85+) were originally conceived “out of a passion for riding”. While they’re not quite as hi-tech as other bike shoes, these SPD compatible shoes are designed for a different reason –- to serve a purpose both on and off the bike. Each shoe features a variable-flex nylon inner shank, performance mapped flex for mobility, and strategic stiffness for power transfer. Although if you ask us, the biggest perk is that they don’t require you to wear spandex. DZR offers the shoes in three different styles and have plans to introduce more in the near future.

Buy Now: $85