Wireframe sunglasses are a departure for Electric Visual, a company who has built a reputation for their snow goggles and nylon framed sunglasses. The departure has been a good one, neither ill-conceived or hurried. The frames are well-built with hinges that flex, just so, to avoid the obnoxious flimsy feeling and offer 100% UV protection. Two of our favorites: Bullitt and Ohm. The Bullitt (front) is a remix of the classic aviator with additional appointments like hand-sitched leather temples and 4 different frame/lens combinations. The platinum grey has a highly polished/mirrored lens which is catchy but not flashy. The name, an obvious hark to the 60’s movie classic is a suitable fit. The Ohm II (rear) takes things a decade further with a 70’s style driving shade — a more squared, modern aviator. Relaxed yet refined, the glasses make a statement (especially in gun-metal/grey) where the smoky flat finish accentuates the frame and lens. Both include cases. Just don’t blame us if you Corey Hart wannabes find yourself wearing them at night.

Buy Now: Ohm II ($175) | Bullitt ($145)