Germanic Hot Hatch, Version 2.0

2012 Volkswagen Golf R20

Several years ago, a few of you lucky souls out there got your grubby mitts on the 6-cylinder VW Golf R32. Though it was big on power and handled extremely well, it was not nearly as tossable as the much-praised GTI. Well, for those of you who find yourself in need of some German motoring oomph but lack the coin to procure a Bimmer, you will rejoice from the rooftops when you take delivery of your 2012 VW Golf R20. Otherwise known in Europe as the Golf R, it will prove to be the most powerful VW ever built, with a 2.0 liter four-banger with turbocharging. Official hp and torque numbers have not been released yet, but expect it to be a tire-shredder, given that the Euro-spec model churns out 267 hp and 260 lb ft of torque. Your trips to the grocery store will never be the same. And for goodness sake, ditch the lattes for the next year and start saving.