Stay Crispy

White Collar Grime Collar Protectors

We discover it the split second between tossing a shirt into the laundry basket, or pulling it off the hanger. You know, the ring of sweat and grime that’s accumulated on the inside of our shirt, smirking at us. After enough wears and fruitless washes, we give up and buy a new shirt. White Collar Grime ($10) can change the cycle of despair. Simply cut a strip of the super-soft cotton material and stick it to the inside of your collar. When it gets dirty, just peel off the strip and stick on a new one. The same thing goes for your hat bands, scratchy tags or itchy embroidery like the Lacoste Gator. Each roll comes with 10 feet of 1.25″ material to use as you see fit.

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