No More Stale Taste Tests

RSVP International Glass Canister

Taking a stale mouthful of a favorite snack is something we’ve all regretted doing. Short of buying in smaller quantities or paying someone to periodically clean out your cabinets though, there’s no way to guarantee you won’t relive the experience in the future. The RSVP International Glass Canister with Freshness Date Dial ($12) can at least warn you that foods are past their prime. That’s granted you remember to set the date dial when you pour food in and pay attention to the integrated date dial the next time the munchies strike. It’s tight-fitting lid should also extend the shelf life of your food compared to those half-assed bag rolls we know you pass off as “closing” when you’re in a hurry. To quote your mom “waste not, want not”.

Buy now: $12