May the G-Force Be With You

Casio G-Shock Solar Atomic G-Aviation

Perhaps your watch collection consists of one great heirloom timepiece, passed down from your father, like a classic Rolex Submariner and one moderately priced quality piece that you wear to work. You refuse to get an everyday active watch that you might consider “beneath you.” Well, if you’re remotely active (no, that doesn’t mean you regularly engage in an intense round of Wii Fit), you want a watch that both looks good in casual garb and in athletic wear, but you don’t want to look like you got your watch from the bargain bin at Kohl’s. Introducing the Casio G-Shock Solar Atomic G-Aviation ($250).

You’ll honor your lazy self with the self-charging Tough Solar power system which never requires a battery change. And you’ll rarely, if ever, have to adjust the time when you travel. It self-calibrates by pulling a “phone home” to receive transmissions from 6 Atomic Timekeeping stations around the globe. Furthermore, it will take whatever you can throw at it. With thick mineral glass, a bombproof resin band and case and Casio-tested durability to maintain accuracy during brutal 12G air races and 5G Formula 1 thrashes around the track, the G-Aviation will hold on long after you’ve cried for mommy. Finally, it just plain looks good. Stealthy, sophisticated and sans any bit of “pansy.”

And lucky you. It comes in the always tasty Gear Patrol orange and black. Delicious

Buy Now: $250