Lightweight for your dogs and birdies

Nike Lunar Control Golf Shoes

Mark Twain said it best, “Golf is a good walk spoiled.” Part of that is the inherently fickle game of golf, the other is from bad footwear. It seems golfers will shell out boat loads for an “anti-slice” driver but will skimp on shoes they’re going to walk hundreds of miles in. There’s no shortage of great golf shoes on the market today and many of them are as loaded with technology as the clubs you carry. The issue is that technology makes shoes heavy and after lugging them and a full set of clubs around for three or four hours, your feet are spent. Nothing ruins a great round like fatigue. Nike Golf has introduced their new Lunar Control Golf Shoe ($155) betting that a lightweight golf shoe is the answer to podiatric woes on the links.

Nike has tapped into their running shoe technology and introduced Lunarlon cushioning and Flywire technologies to make their next iteration of golf shoes super lightweight, while retaining the stability necessary for a good set of spikes. The difference in weight is immediately noticeable when you lace them up. The Lunarlon cushioning system provides for an almost ground-like feel (that near barefoot sensation). Overall the shoes are very comfortable, both during your swing and the walk between shots.

Power is generated from the ground up and a firm foot base is essential. My biggest concern with a lightweight shoe going in was that I wouldn’t feel firmly planted. Truth be told, I had quite the opposite experience. To maintain stability with a lighter design Nike employed Flywire technology that utilizes the saddle panel to work the foot naturally through high tensile fibers. The whole system is anchored on Nike’s Power Platform outsole and provides targeted support but doesn’t bog down the shoe with a lot of bulk or weight. The shoe is covered with a classy waterproof leather upper, so don’t worry that they’re going to look like sneakers. Golf is still a very traditional game, after all.

I was very pleased after my test round. The ground was pretty firm in the late fall air, yet my feet felt like they could easily go another 18. The combination of running shoe inspired cushion and lightness really paid dividends, especially on the back nine as I have been known to fade on the closing holes. The Lunar Control shoes have a sporty, responsive feel. They provide a much more nimble feeling than standard golf shoes, but I never once felt my foot shift in the shoe during a swing, and I never worried about slipping. The minds in Beaverton, Oregon have done something remarkable for your golfing feet. Now get out there and concentrate on your game.

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