XP30 marks the spot

Fuji FinePix XP30

If you were to option out a point and shoot camera with the “premium package,” what would you choose? MP3 player? Not so much. Diamond encrusted case? What, am I, Elizabeth Taylor? How about shock, freeze, water and dust proofing and built-in GPS? Didn’t think of that combo, didja? Well, Fujifilm has done it with their all-new FinePix XP30 ($240). And not only does it look the part, the guts are pretty good, too. 14.2 megapixel resolution, 5x wide optical zoom (28-140mm), and 2.7″ rear LCD should prove good enough for the most rambunctious events. The ruggedized compact camera is also equipped with GPS (a first in this segment) and can trace your steps via a phototracking feature that displays place/name or grid coordinates. Each image is tagged with location info, which also makes it easier to navigate the shots you’ve taken, enabling you to not just find specific photos more easily but also assist you in making your way back to a place you visited but can’t recall. Upload the pics and you can utilize the included software to provide a map of your route and photos taken along the way via Google Maps. Not too shabby, eh? Index finger to push the photo capture button not included. Most importantly, it’s available in orange.

Buy Now: $240 (Available February)