Keep the lights on

Goal Zero Sherpa Adventure Kit

It’s time to concede: modern adventure must often rely on technology even though, in our minds, we are still “getting off the grid.” Base camps have their share of GPS devices, satellite phones, computers and lights that need heavy batteries. With one of Goal Zero’s Sherpa Adventure Kits ($359-$2,219) you can rest assured the lights will stay on. Built to withstand everything from deep ocean spray to arctic conditions, the Sherpa Adventure Kit is comprised of two primary components: a solar power collector and a power pack. In the case of the Sherpa 50 Adventure Kit (Sherpa 120 kit shown above), which we tested, the Nomad 13.5M solar power collector charges the Sherpa 50 power pack in about 8 hours of ideal sunlight. The Sherpa 50 power pack stores 50 watt hours of power or the equivalent of 30,000 AA batteries. That means you can power a cellphone for 54 hours or an iPod for 193 hours.

The entire Sherpa 50 Kit weighs just over 2.2 pounds has built-in USB and DC outputs to charge handhelds and folds into a portable bundle. With a digital gauge to read power reserves, the ability to chain to up to three more power packs and a wall plug-in which charges the unit in just 2.5 hours, you can rest assured that all vital devices can be kept running.

Buy Now: $359-$2,219