Black in time

Heller’s Cafe by Warehouse Sturdy Oak Workshirt at J.Crew

When you think of the term “workshirt,” your mind conjures up images of greasy, less-than-savory, unkempt garments used for tasks in the garage or under the engine compartment of your IROC-Z Camaro with Def Leppard playing in the background. Just don’t try that with the new Heller’s Cafe by Warehouse Sturdy Oak Workshirt ($335) sold exclusively by J. Crew. Limited in number, this U.S. crafted black chambray shirt is modeled after a 1920’s version from former workwear clothier, Sturdy Oak. Larry McKaughan of Heller’s Cafe and Warehouse, a tried-and-true traditional denim garment maker, have teamed up to bring you this unique piece. Triple-stitched with collar needlework and extra-long chinstrap, the Sturdy Oak Workshirt will have a special place in your closet, especially since only a handful have been made. Throw on your Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots and you’ll be the best dressed man at the bar on Friday nights. Just don’t spill your beer on it.

Buy Now: $335