Stargazing Autopilot

Celestron SkyProdigy Telescope

The Celestron C6 NGT computerized telescope we covered earlier is an excellent piece of equipment compared to the competition, but it still requires you to know enough about astronomy to find what you’re looking for. In a day and age where star watching typically means putting on a Kardashian marathon, Celestron has realized things needed to get a bit easier if a new crop of Carl Sagans is ever to rise from the ashes of Xbox Live, Sponge Bob, and Silly Bandz. Enter the new SkyProdigy line. Thanks to a built-in camera, these scopes can detect where they’re pointed and automatically zero in on one of 4,000 pre-programmed celestial bodies in just three minutes — making them the fastest self-aligning telescopes ever. Thanks to a 130mm lens, and 5″ mirror, the scope is also powerful enough to give users a look at Saturn’s rings or the Galilean moons — not to mention the neighbor’s window. Then factor in that the entire line will cost roughly half of what similar telescopes would cost, and it’s clear Celestron had changed the game.

Buy Now: SkyProdigy 70 $699 | SkyProdigy 90 | SkyProdigy 130 $799 (Pre-order)