Strapped For Class

Draught Dry Goods Oliver Camera Strap

You spent hours researching it and threw down stacks of cash to get that perfect camera setup. When the gear arrived, you attached the included strap to your rig, stuck your neck through, and immediately realized you’d transformed into Clark Griswold. Now that wouldn’t be so bad if a young Beverly D’Angelo appeared too, but we all know the physics of that just wouldn’t make sense. Speaking of physics, though, there’s just some kind of universal force that dictates stock camera straps will dampen a man’s style. Yes, they’re sturdy, useful, and all that jazz — we certainly still use ours — but having a nicer looking option has served us well for less intense shooting days. The made in Montana Oliver Camera Strap from Draught Dry Goods ($75) is perfect for this role. Measuring 10″, they’re a good deal longer that typical straps, so users can comfortably shoot from the waist using the viewfinder if need be. They also feature double-upped rivets that allow youto swing your gear tether ball style. Sold in black, chocolate brown, and natural colors, you can even opt to have your initials or motto stamped into the leather for no extra charge. And they say there’s no such thing as a free punch.

Buy Now: $75