Screen Out Mother Nature

Ciil Technologies Weatherproof HDTV

We’ve put men on the moon. We’ve broken the sound barrier many times over, both in the air and on land. We’ve even cured Polio and managed to inject sweet cream into golden cake sticks of deliciousness that can remain edible for centuries. So it’s about damn time that some company focused on building weatherproof HDTVs. Ciil technologies is only a year old, but that hasn’t stopped them from announcing a new line of mummified displays. Sold in sizes ranging from 32 to 55-inchs, all are capable of 1080p playback, and thanks to their completely sealed design can function for up to eight hours straight submerged in five feet of water, and easily withstand direct pressure washing. Their secret to success revolves around a fully-encapsulated, dynamic thermal transfer system, that allows the temperatures of the unit’s internal components to remain balanced without the need for vents, filters, or exhaust fans. Ciil of course positions their equipment mainly for commercial applications, but the way we see it, if you’ve got enough cash, one of these might look great mounted next to the grill or hot tub.

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