Out of sight

Sightglass Coffee

Like food, great coffee is often created slowly. That means, everything from harvesting to brewing is done so with care — something mass brewers and roasters have a hard time with. Guilty verdict for Starbucks. Based in San Francisco, Sightglass Coffee is an independent company founded and run by two brothers (Jerad and Justin Morrison) who feel that the best types of creations are the ones done by hand, and there is no better example of this than their coffee, which is roasted in a vintage Probat roaster. Each bean is sourced in-season from small lots using low-key and low-impact production methods. Honestly, any more refinement and you’d think they were inspecting each bean individually. The result is a coffee, that when brewed properly (aka: slowly), does something few other roasts can: transcends the roasting process itself. If you’re in SF, pencil in their coffee bar as a must-visit.

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