Where Grilling Meets German Efficiency

Bob Grillson Holzpellet Grill

Meat searing monuments like the Weber Ranch Kettle charcoal grill will always hold a special place in our carnivore hearts, but there’s something strangely attractive about the idyllic vision of grilling painted by the Holzpellet grill from Bob Grillson ($7,470). Ok, so maybe it’s just this German beauty’s magnetizing lines. Or maybe it’s just Bob’s last name. For more details and shots keep reading on the next page.

The grill uses a set of fireproof steel bars to burn and create a thin layer of embers from the pellets. The hot wood gas is then pressurized, mixed with oxygen and piped into a diffuser. Thanks to this hot air, the iron sheet of the diffuser can reach up to 2,400° F, which is emitted in the form of radiant heat. Handy slots in the diffuser also allow additional hot air into the grilling chamber, mimicking the effect of a convection oven. The result is an incredibly healthy and clean method cooking with real wood flavor minus the hassle of dealing with fire. It’s also safer since there’s no risk of a rogue propane tank turning the tables and grilling/nuking your home.

On the design front, the Holzpellet certainly has the looks to match its seven G price tag. Made from a combination of sand blasted 1.5 mm strong stainless steel sheets and powder coated galvanized iron with solid wood accessories, it’s the BMW of backyard cooking surfaces. Sold in anthracite grey, black, standard white, pure white or yellowish grey, if you can manage to get one stateside, we’re certain you’ll say das ist gut.

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