What if there was no future?

Ghost Country by Patrick Lee

Following up his head spinning, stomach churning debut novel, The Breach, author Patrick Lee has once again turned our world on its ear. The clandestine group known only as Tangent has a device of ah, “unknown origin” that opens a portal to the future. Problem is, all of humanity has been wiped out. Now it’s up to the reluctant hero and all around bad ass, Travis Chase, and Tangent agent, Paige Campbell, to not only discover what happened, but find a way to stop it. As if there weren’t enough on their plates, they’re being hunted by the very people responsible for the mess. From within very secret inner circles in Washington DC, it’s impossible to tell how far the conspiracy reaches. Can anyone be trusted?

Ghost County is a dizzying race between worlds and against time. While the sheer gripping action is enough to warrant a read, Lee’s storycrafting through character deduction and the intellectual cat-and-mouse that follows makes for an engrossing read. It’s hard to find unique ideas in today’s media. Patrick Lee has proven he’s thinking outside the box, way outside the box.

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