Good Design Unleashed

Kosoku Dog Leash

It’s amazing how much we take the basic designs of products for granted. Case in point, after seeing the Quirky-developed Kosoku, we’re now questioning why dog leashes have taken this long to evolve. The Kosoku Dog Leash ($40) features a fully retractable 6-foot leash, reflective tape for extra visibility at night, an ergonomic handle for comfort, and an integrated side pocket for bags should you live in an area where picking up after your dog is required. It’s just another example of how the collective thinking at Quirky produces great ideas, and luckily this concept received enough interest to go into full production. Designed to handle dogs weighing under 90lbs, it puts that glorified rope you’ve been using to shame. We just hope they end up releasing a few different color options at some point, since the current blue scheme shown above looks a little too much like a Tron set piece.

Buy Now: $40