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Sheex Performance Sheets

Updated: Consider this. You spend a third of your life sleeping and how you spend that time has a real impact on your health, your mood, your work and your performance (both in bed and out). You may think the firmness of your mattress and the right pillows make all the difference. But what about your bed sheets? Those old ratty cotton sheets you’ve been sleeping under for the past decade hold bacteria, soak up sweat and don’t let your body breathe so you end up tossing and turning to keep cool during the night. You wear perspiration-wicking, breathable clothes when you’re working out so it isn’t really a stretch to sleep between the same materials. That’s the thought behind Sheex Performance Sheets. We first wrote about Sheex a few months ago and frankly, had our doubts. But I’ve had a couple of weeks to sleep between them and they’ve become my favorite sheets.

After you’ve stopped snickering at the name, look at the specs. The technical fabric from which they’re made transfers body heat twice as well as cotton, wicks moisture, dries quickly and stretches with you as you move in your sleep. Although we’re still not into the sweaty days of summer, the breathability is apparent and the stretch fabric means tossing and turning didn’t bunch up the sheets or pull the fitted corner loose from the mattress. I was worried that the tech fabric would feel like one of the cheap t-shirts you get for finishing a 5K. But in reality, they’re like silk and truly luxurious.

Downsides? The stretchiness means they can pull and cling a bit when you roll over and the pillowcase is a little slippery. And then there’s the name, which sounds like the name of a wink-wink gentleman’s club. But these are nitpicks. Sheex perform as promised and, while it could be coincidence, I’ve been sleeping better the past couple of weeks. As for how they perform in the heat of other bedroom activities, well, let’s just say that would be a different sort of review.

Buy now: $150-$250

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The concept of “performance sheets” is more than a bit stupid — unless perhaps you’re goal is to pitch Mark Maguire or Barry Bonds’ trainer. The phrase just sounds ripe for late-night infomercials or Gmail spam filters. Tabling that branding folly, the Sheex ($100-$300) are great for guys who love the feel of athletic apparel. If you’re curious about the performance aspect of this product, apparently the sheets breathe 50% better than traditional bedding and feature moisture wicking technology. The material is touted to be twice as effective in transferring body heat than cotton and resists wrinkles, shrinking and fading. Something else worth noting is that the brand offers nautical and adventure lines of bedding that are designed specifically for RV and boat bed sizes. Unfortunately, filling your entire linen closet with Sheex still won’t guarantee you’ll land a partner like the one in the photo to “perform” with — believe us, we asked.