Does it mount?

Kickstarter: X Grip Case for iPad

In this edition of Project Kickstarter, we bring you yet another accessory designed for an Apple product. This time it’s not the iPod Nano though, but its larger screened brother, the iPad. Designed by two Portland-based photographers, Nick Curteman and Tom Baker, the project aims to further the iPad’s multi-purpose potential by way of flexible mounting options. Designed in an “x” around a threaded brass insert, the low profile X Grip is designed to function with a limitless number of potential accessories ranging from tripods to wall mounts. The X grip even serves double-duty by making the iPad easier to hold with one hand when not mounted. The project is seeking $12,000 in crowdsourced funding to create an injection mold. Manufacturing will be done here in the US and pledges start at just $1, but for $25 you can get yourself your own X Grip if the project comes to fruition. Not bad considering the X Grip’s estimated price will be $36. A product video is embedded after the jump. Disclaimer: we’ve pitched in $125.

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Update: The last few Kickstarter projects we’ve featured (and pitched in some funds towards) have all come to life! A quick recap if you need refreshing: Treece (photo documentary), The Glif: (iPhone 4 tripod mount), and the rabidly successful TikTok and LunaTik (iPod Nano watch straps).