Remember It's "Steeg" not "Stig"

The Stieg Larsson Trilogy Blu-ray Collection

While you’re waiting for David Fincher and co. to provide their own cinematic interpretations of Stieg Larsson’s break away “The Girl Who Played With..” series, we’d recommend checking out the original Swedish films. Those who have read the books will find that each of the films stays relatively close to their original novel story lines and that Swedish actress, Noomi Rapace, does an excellent job of portraying the tech-loving, badass Lisbeth Salander. There’s also no sugar coating the book’s dark, often horrible themes, and even some of the most shocking scenes are played out to a t, for better or worse. Unfortunately, this $50 set doesn’t include the full-length versions of each film that were originally aired on TV. So if you were hoping to re-watch them to see what was cut, you’re still out of luck. Still, it should be interesting comparing these to what Hollywood winds up producing. Something tells us since bob sledding isn’t involved that Fincher’s versions will be better, but maybe we’re just too big of Daniel Craig fans to judge.

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