Show off your travel itch

Luckies Original Scratch Map

Mankind has been in the business of documenting adventures basically since writing was developed. Names like Darwin, Dickens, Jefferson, Melville, Roosevelt, de Tocqueville, Steinbeck, Swift, and Roosevelt, did it, and there are plenty more where that came from. With the hectic pace of life today, many of us don’t have the time — or the desire — to diligently chronicle our voyages. Then again, somehow circumnavigating the globe in a frigate just seems far more worthy of hand scrawled notes compared to spring break 08 Cacun. Picking up a Luckies Original Scratch Map Personalised World Map ($50) is one analog way (re: Facebook photo album alternative), though, to easily showoff or remember where you’ve been. Think of it like a life experience lottery ticket. Scratching off the top layer of gold foil reveals colors and geographic points of interest — instead of four leaf clovers and slot machines.

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