BT Home Phone

Moshi Moshi 03i Bluetooth Handset

The desire to use a land line-style phone handset as a replacement for talking on advanced devices like the iPhone may seem backwards in many ways. If you happen to use Skype on a regular basis or prefer to talk a bit more comfortably at home, though, then the Moshi Moshi 03i ($150) is a product you should seriously consider. Thanks to the talents of french designer David Turpin, the wireless handset’s minimalist look compliments any desk while providing a handy charging dock for you iPhone. Since it’s equipped with Bluetooth 2.1 multipoint technology, it can also pair with two separate phones or even a computer to handle normal voice calls as well as the Skype-based variety. When the phone rings, just pick it up and press the answer button to talk. The device will sort out whether it’s gran calling your cell or the office’s UK branch stalking you via the interwebs.

Buy Now: $150