I crush your Big Wheel

Audi C e-tron

When is a toy car not a toy car? When Audi builds one out of carbon-fiber, throws in an electric motor and makes it so exclusive, you can’t actually buy it (yet). Case in point, the Audi C e-tron, built by the German automaker and modeled after the Auto Union Type C Grand Prix car of the 1930s. Newly released at the International Toy Show in Nuremburg, Germany, this “toy” will seat an adult (as long as he’s shorter than 5’11”). With a 7.61 foot long body and a 1.5 hp electric motor, this retro-racer will hit a top speed of nearly 19 mph and will travel over 15 miles on a full charge via standard electric outlet. It won’t outgun the real Audi e-tron, but it sure will get the attention of your neighbor as he tries to show off his electric riding mower.