Decware Zen Triode Amplifier

2 watts. That’s all output the Decware Zen Triode Amplifier ($775) requires to recreate astonishlingly loud, unadultered sound. The small amplifier, wrapped in a gorgeous piano-gloss white case exudes over-engineering in every aspect of its hand-built US creation. Pure class A operation, zero feedback, gold and silver connectors, dual-inputs, hassle-free tube operation, surprisingly robust bass, and the ability to run directly from an audio source like a CD or MP3 player without the need of a pre-amp. Over the past decade, Decware’s amp has built a near cult-like following, with audiophiles seeking its quality that outpaces amps 4 to 5 times The Zen Triode’s price. It’s a perfect centerpiece for your home office audio setup.

Buy Now: $775