Deadly, but not silent

Ninja Professional Blender

The Ninja Professional Blender ($95) doesn’t get credit in our book for being the first product to bring Ninjutsu into the kitchen — that honor stays with our trusty Ninjabread men. Still, its unique six blade technology and 1000 watts of power are quite deadly to anything you feed it. That’s because, unlike typical blenders at this price range, the Ninja places three sets of two blades along a central axis. This makes cutting bigger food products in its 72-ounce pitcher like carrots incredibly fast — since more of the vegetable gets axed at once. An included lid sensor also prevents the blender from functioning while the lid is off, which should help avoid nasty wall splattering party fouls or digit-sewing trips to the ER. Obviously there are more powerful professional grade devices out there which can trump the Ninja in performance (martial arts training aside), but for $100 it’s an excellent option for getting your margarita on now and again.

Buy Now: $95