Look Good Either Way

Brooks Brothers Long-Sleeve Spread Collar Polo

Navigating the murky waters of dress code lingo can paralyze even the brightest of men. Phrases like “dressy-casual”, “semi-formal”, or “black tie-optional” just seem purposely engineered for confusion and panic. Erring on the side of being over dressed is always the safe bet over going the under dressed route, but owning a few versatile pieces of clothing is the best way to walk a finer line in these situations. Case in point, these Long-Sleeve Spread Collar Pique Polos ($45) may lack a more formal full length opening with buttons, but they do feature a three-button placket collar along with buttons on the sleeves, which gives them a classier edge. In other words, they fill in that fashion void turtlenecks fail miserably at for everyone besides Steve McQueen.

Buy Now: $45