Why Choose?

Bushnell Hybrid Laser GPS

It’s a debate that may never have a winner: range-finder or GPS? We’ve even weighed in with our own thoughts. Now, Bushnell is eliminating the burden of deciding, by merging both technologies with their new Hybrid Laser GPS ($500).

With the best of both worlds, golfers can laser distances to specific points and get green yardages: front, center and back. It really takes all of the guess-work out of selecting your clubs. The device is powered by a USB rechargeable battery and is remarkably small. The unit can be easy wielded with one hand and seems to weigh almost nothing — not at all what we expected. The GPS interface is simple, easy to read and comes preloaded with over 16,000 courses in North America. Plus, there are no annoying memberships.

Our favorite feature? The course editor. With a few simple button pushes you can manually add in distance to critical points like hazards or the corner of a dog-leg. You can even map out your own course if you can’t find them in the database. It’s the perfect tool for anyone who plays courses regularly. Used in conjunction with the laser range finder equipped with Bushnell’s PinSeeker technology and you’ll have clear, accurate yardages to all points, seen and unseen, that a course can throw at you.

Buy Now: $500