Dinner Is Served

Destination Dinners Recipe Kits

The biggest bone we have to pick with Food Network personalities — or any telegenic chef for that matter — is how much easier cooking looks when their ingredients are already on hand and nicely organized by an army of production minions. “Now just take seven- and-a-half peeled edamame beans wrapped in pancetta and mix well with a quarter-deciliter of fresh goats milk and a pinch of paprika..and voila!” It’s all just so breezy for these pampered pundits, and a pain in the ass for us. The people behind Destination Dinners have developed a pretty nifty product though that provides a similar feeling — minus the makeup and need to fake friendly with Guy Fieri. Each of their dinner kits ship with all of the pre-measured rare ingredients, preparation instructions, and the perishable shopping list you’ll need to cook a restaurant quality meal. Current options include kits for Korean Bulgogi aka marinated “Fire Meat”, Jerk chicken and shrimp, Pattaya, Falafel, and much more. Try one as a one-off meal if you’re looking to impress a special house guest and if you like the experience, sign up for a destination passport plan to have different meal kits shipped automatically to your door on a regular basis. Is it technically cheating? Yes, but if someone calls you out, just blame it on your trainer.

Buy Now: Individual Kits ($25-35) | Monthly Passports $40-$45 per month