For the Ultimate Bakgård Party

Viking Refreshment Station

The Viking Refreshment Station ($3,600) is to beverages and appetizers as Nimitz-class super carriers are to F-14 Tomcats. In the beverage department, its cold water sink performs double duty either as a, sink or cold water bottle bath that’s capable of holding two cases of drinks and can be plugged in to stay frosty. If that’s not enough chilled storage, the party launch pag features insulated ice bins that also double as extra coolers. Speed rails help house up to five more standard-sized wine or liquor bottles in reserve with glasses on the top high shelf. Lost bottle openers are a thing of the past too since the station has one welded to its side. Food-wise, four shallow stainless steel trays are ideal for condiments, while a cutting board with a wire grate slide allows for basic chef chores without creating a mess. There’s plenty of backup bins and storage space thrown in for larger two-liter bottles, dry goods or anything else you’d like to have on hand but protected from the elements — fireworks anyone? The entire station rests on 4 heavy-duty casters for easy portability if you decide not to go the built-in route (also available). Million dollar view of the Rockies not included.

Buy Now: $3,600