Let there be light(er)

Xikar EXII Havana Collection Lighter

Xikar, the cigar accessory powerhouse, has gained serious market share over the past few years, and there’s good reason behind it. Their original products, excellent build quality and lifetime product warranty are a serious draw for serious cigar aficionados. Case in point, the new EXII Havana Collection Lighter. Built off their classy EX Lighter Series platform, these Havana versions display colorful but tasteful cigar band artwork inlays on both sides of the lighter that add a bit of flair to the clean design. It feels great in the hand and the flip top opens and closes with a solid click. Lighting up a fat torpedo proved more than easy with the clean burst of fire. With a gloss silver finish and adjustable wind resistant butane flame, you can light up your stogie with it and ditch the cardboard matches from Kelly’s Pool Hall.

Buy Now: $100