Creative Inspiration, Minus the Hangover

Minibar for the Mind

Hunter S. Thompson clearly had his own idea of what a proper minibar of the mind contained, and preferred carrying his version in a briefcase. For The School of Life and the Morgan’s Hotel Group, though, that name refers to a custom-made box designed to provide guests with a “midnight feast” of inspiration. Inside, buyers will find a set of 250 cards inscribed with questions, quotations, and other mental stimulation. A dreams and fears notebook is thrown is as well to let guests scribble down anything that comes to mind. Speaking of scribbling, a set of 3 pencils comes with the notebook, which each feature a quote from writing greats Mark Twain, George Orwell, and Laurence Sterne. Topping it all off is Vol 1. of The School of Life’s Collected Thought’s column along with two reading “prescriptions” — otherwise known as ‘suggested reading lists’ for you school boys in the audience. Available at many of the Morgan Hotel property gift shops for $56, purchase one of these quirky gifts the next time you’re traveling and feed your inner Ginsberg.

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