A river of features runs through it

Patagonia Rio Gallegos Waders

The modern fly fishing wader has only seen a moderate degree of innovation since the introduction of breathable construction materials. With breathability came increased comfort and performance compared to heavy and hot neoprene or plastic materials, but designers have essentially been tweaking and adjusting a basic model that no one built better than Simms Fishing… That is, until Patagonia unleashed the Rio Gallegos Waders ($449). Patagonia’s modern waders include features like form-fitting merino wool booties that wick moisture away from your feet, built-in gravel guards, wading belt and internal storage pockets — on the Rio Gallegos, the internal pocket is completely submersible and glued in for great device protection. What makes this wader so great, though, is the inclusion of some very thoughtful and useful features. A waist-mounted suspender system allows the waders to convert easily from chest to pant positioning, removable internal knee pads, strategically placed weights and full reinforcement tapping on the inner seams, which take the brunt of the abuse to help provide better durability and comfort.

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