Denim strike

Left Field Nisshinbo Mills Slim-Straight Jeans

Since 1999 (well before any “heritage” movement) Left Field has been domestically churning out tough-as-nails workwear. After wearing some of their goods in the past year, we can attest to the rough and tumble quality of their goods. Their newly released Nisshinbo Mills Slim-Straight Jeans ($210) build upon the impressive product line. Hand made in Los Angeles from 16 oz shuttle-loomed Japanese denim from Nisshinbo Mills, Japan, the jeans feature Scovill buttons, universal rivets, and cotton bandana front pocket liners to show where Left Field’s heart lies. The Nisshinbo’s spare no small details: hidden selvedge on the coin pocket, riveted back pockets, Union Special chain stitching (where appropriate), and cotton wrapped polyester thread are the little things that set a denim head’s heart aflutter. For slightly over $200 we say Left Field has another home run on their hands. More photos after the jump.

Buy Now: $210