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Kickstarter: More/Real Stylus Cap

This week on Project Kickstarter we highlight Designer Don Lehman of Chicago, IL. His project’s premise is simple but incredibly helpful for anyone with a touchscreen enabled device, like the iPad. Centered around artists, designers and architects, the More/Real Stylus Cap takes an everyday object (like a Bic or Sharpie) and enables it for use as a stylus. With sustainability at its core, the cap is machined from stainless steel for a sturdy feel and devoid of clutter — as a simple writing implement should be. It consists of just two parts: the steel cap itself and a conductive rubber tip, which Lehman is focusing Kickstarter proceeds on to fine tune responsiveness. Pledges start at $5, but $20 gets you a cap & choice of pen and $25 gets you a limited edition brass version. Disclaimer: we’ve pitched in $125. Project video after the jump.

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