Mix Master

Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus

Wannabe bedroom DJ’s may like the idea of using an iPad as a cheap & easy way to get their mix on, but the pros still turn to Pioneer’s DJM line when it comes to sound processing. The DJM-900 Nexus ($2,400) is the company’s latest tour-friendly mixer that stands on the shoulders of the supremely awesome DJM-800, which has reigned supreme for the past five years. We could go on all day about this beast’s performance enhancements, but the key improvements center on a variety of new on-board effects controlled through an X-Pad touchscreen, increased sound fidelity and a direct computer connection. Now, wipe off that drool and hit the jump for more details, and the release video.

On the sound-fidelity front, an integrated 24 bit/96kHz USB soundcard can manage stereo sound input via a single USB connection, while the same circuitry found on the top-of-the-line DJM-2000 and a 32-bit DSP provide crystal clear output — granted your levels aren’t blown. Since laptop DJ software has become a stable of the modern beat slinger, the mixer will also play nice with Traktor thanks to Scratch 4 and Scratch Pro/Duo 2 certification. Of course, support for Pioneer’s proprietary Rekordbox software is also built-in, which has the added advantage of using an ethernet cable for quick access to BPM data and auto-effect syncing via your comp. Now the question is, do you scrounge up the cash for this and a pair of CDJ-2000s, or fund junior’s college education?

Available March: $2,400