Double duty

Canon Speedlite 320EX

Sure, your DSLR can do double-digit megapixel images all day long, but now that it also captures HD video what about that aging external flash or heaven forbid, built-in flash? Canon heeds the call with its new well-priced Speedlite 320EX ($249). The compact flashgun offers a bevy of features including powerful strobe strength (Guide Number 32) with a bounce/swivel and extending/retracting flash head, wireless slave control, fast power recycling and an automatic integrated ambient 6-watt LED for low-light scene illumination during video capture. It won’t satisfy the most discerning strobist, but should do nicely in a pinch. It also serves double duty as an autofocus aid and it’s compatible with most modern Canon EOS DSLRs.

Buy Now: $249 (Available April)