Shaking Up the Vodka Pack

Eristoff Premium Vodka

Eristoff’s roots are in Georgia; that’s the former Soviet Union satellite, not the birthplace of MLK Jr. and Cee Lo Green. It was created by Georgian royalty back in 1806 when times were tough, and since the country is known for its wolf population, the spirit inherited the mascot. We bring up this little Discovery channel rerun because after decades of selling successfully in Europe, Eristoff is finally headed to the states and Russia this year. We had the chance to sample the original, as well as the Black and Red flavored options last night and walked away impressed by their smooth finishes. Especially when we learned a 1.75 ml bottle will be priced in the $20 range, competing with the likes of Skyy, Stoli, Svedka, and Smirnoff. No, it won’t replace those bottles of Goose in your bar (Geese?) or even your penchant for Ketel if you like a bit more bite in your booze, but it’s definitely a great option for those whose jungle juice days are behind them. Just don’t expect a flash mob of fur-clad women to appear every time you pour a glass.

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