Like father, like son

Breakdown: 2012 McLaren MP4-12C

A. Cutting Edge: Formula 1 technology and design inspired. Schuey would be jealous.
B. Automotive Weightwatchers: Extensive use of carbon fiber for rigidity and lightness
C. High-tech Bathtub: Carbon-fiber monocell for driver safety and structural integrity
D. Talk about Details: Magnesium dash support beam instead of steel to save weight
E. Not Just a Pretty Face: Powerful McLaren V8 Twin Turbo engine built from the ground up. Records low CO2 emissions, to boot.
F. Cool Cuts: Aggressive ventilation to draw airflow to the monster V8 engine
G. Aero Master: Purposeful aerodynamics to increase downforce and roadholding capabilities
H. Stop Authority: Aluminum brakes vs. carbon ceramic for lightness

In 1993, McLaren Automotive introduced the F1, one of the fastest naturally aspirated cars in the world. It still stands as an automotive icon, nearly two decades later. Carrying forward this magnificent automotive legacy, the McLaren Group now brings you its next golden child, the 2012 McLaren MP4-12C — a precision conglomeration of some of the best automotive thinking and engineering today. Shorter, narrower and lighter than most of its supercar competitors, significant time and effort went into this purposeful performance machine and translates into some of the most astounding performance numbers by any vehicle today. The twin-turbo V8, combined with a light curb weight rocket the MP4-12C to 60 in 3.0 seconds and will travel from 60 to 100 mph faster than a Ferrari Enzo, making it a kidney slammer. The cars dynamics were programmed via a Formula 1 simulator, maximizing driving dynamics and handling capabilities. Ultralight materials, including carbon fiber, aluminum and magnesium are all present in this latest UK speed monger. What it does not do is show up to the party with gold teeth, a tall fuzzy hat and a full length red leather jacket with white patent leather shoes. This car is all about form following function, and it’s all the more stunning for it. There are no unsightly outcroppings to attract the attention of the gaudy-hungry, and the McLaren looks clean and crisp from every angle. Far less bling, far more Nurburgring.