Nolan's Breakthrough Film, Finally in True 1080p

Memento 10th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray

Before Christopher Nolan was a mega-star director, he made Memento, based off a short story written by his brother, Jonathan Nolan. If you’ve never seen this cinematic mind-bender, you should, because it’s his finest work to date in our humble opinion. This film was released originally in 2002 on Blu-ray, but that copy was done using the MPEG-2 codec on a 25GB Blu-ray disc. For its 10th anniversary, however, the film received an AVC codec in 1080p with an aspect ratio of 2.35:1, which was created with Nolan’s own seal of approval. The result is a far superior picture quality that makes the movie shine like never before. We had hoped this release would also include the bevy of extra features found on the two-disc special edition DVD, but alas, as the Stones say, you can’t always get what you want. The good news is, if $15 is still too rich for your blood, it seems the original BD release will at least be headed to the $10 bargain bin sometime soon. Oh and it’s also still available on VHS, seriously.

Buy Now: $15