The Yellow Pages did what?

Redwoods Treehouse

Looking like a beautiful fat onion on a stick, the Redwoods Treehouse is a stunning achievement in architecture that shows what a mind can create if left unfettered. It just so happens that it has also garnered numerous architectural awards. Designed by Pacific Environment Architects, Ltd., the Redwoods Treehouse was commissioned on behalf of the Yellow Pages as part of a reality TV show to create a unique and fully functioning restaurant with all labor and materials sourced through the Yellow Pages. Located near Auckland, New Zealand, the treehouse is ten meters tall and mounted on a redwood tree using sustainably grown pine and poplar with locally milled redwood for the long access walkway. It operated for a little over a year during the Yellow Pages campaign and is now under application for occupancy and use for events, as it has been passed down to the land owner. If all goes well, you should be able to put your name on a somewhat lengthy waiting list for weddings, meetings and other such functions… or just to say that you were there. Seating for thirty guests means it will remain pretty exclusive. More photos after the jump.