Heads, You Win

Poc Cortex DH Bike Helmet

It blows our minds — sorry that was the wrong choice of expression. Ahem, it’s always bothered us that someone would prioritize looking good at the risk of becoming a vegetable or dying — and you know we’re all about style. Especially when companies like Poc are putting out helmets like the Cortex DH ($600). On the safety side of things, the helmet features an advanced lightweight carbon shell wrapped around an aramid reinforced in-mold liner, which covers and impact-absorbing Super EPP core. All of that manufacturing gobbledygook translates into the best skull protection you can get outside of living in a bubble. Glorious design is obviously the true ace up the the Cortex’s DH sleeve, though, and the reason you’d cough up $600 to crown your noggin with it. Sure it’s pricey, but when you consider some dudes pay a stylist $100 per haircut and it could save your life, is it really worth getting a headache over?

Buy Now: $600