A Classic Board Game Gets a Designer's Touch

A-1 Scrabble Designer Edition by Andrew Capener

The A-1 Scrabble Designer Edition brings a modern, penthouse-approved look to a game that has entertained word nerds since the 1950s. Before you geek out entirely, though, you should note this version is just a concept. The board and interior box you see above was constructed from solid walnut, while the exterior box is made from a lighter birch. Unlike the current board, which folds up to fit into a shelf-friendly size, Capener’s board is comprised of six pieces that stick together via magnets, which minimizes those pesky indents. Magnets are also used inside the box to make sure each piece stays firmly in place when not in use. Remember, this is all just a board game pipe dream, so the vintage edition is your best bet for competitive spelling in high-style.