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Volkswagen Bulli Concept

Many of us lamented the VW Microbus that never came to fruition several years ago (probably tragically killed off by some bean counter). A decade later, and an even tastier version has emerged, hopefully with a real chance of making into showrooms this time around. Introducing the Volkswagen Bulli Concept, named after the German nickname for original Microbus that swept America. The Bulli is a truly handsome van (yes, an oxymoron) that’s propelled by an electric motor that’s good for 186 miles on a full charge. The van also packs niceties like a flat load floor, room for six, two-tone paint and iPad infotainment controls that operate the stereo, HVAC, navigation system. In other words, it’s gloriously expanded on its surfboard transport roots, making it the perfect ride for grown up Spicolis, or anyone else sick of the current unstylish minivan contingent. Keep reading on the next page to check out more photos.

Stay tuned for photos from our own hands-on time with the Bulli shortly.