And It Was All Yellow....

Shadow Ebike Wireless Electric Bicycle

The Shadow EBike ($2,000) looks like it was plucked right off Big Bird’s curb, but don’t let the gaudy paint job distract you. Look closely, and you’ll notice there are no brake or gear cables. Electric wires from the motor, battery, controller or throttle are absent too. That’s pretty amazing considering the bike includes features such a 2350W motor, 36V 10AH lithium battery, Daymak Drive controller, 110V charging port (yeah, it can juice your phone) and an LED battery power display. The bike’s secret lies in those hoopty-approved wheel covers, which ingeniously hide components, Rita Hayworth Shawshank-style, as does the thick framing. A wireless throttle, power switch, magnetic regenerative breaks, and pedal assist system also cut down on the cordage. On the performance side, the bike can reach speeds up to 20mph, and has an average range of 13 miles using just motor power, or 16 with pedal-assistance. Complete recharging of the battery takes approximately 4–6 hours.

Buy Now: $2,000