There's No Game Leica Golf

Leica Pinmaster II Range Finder

Their cameras have been known to improve the shots of photographers, so the question is, can this update to their high-performance range finder do the same for your golf game? Upgrades to the new model include an improved LED read-out, which can provide accurate measurements for up to 825 yards (that’d be one hell of a hole). It’s also brighter, sports omproved contrast, and adjusts automatically to the ambient light for enhanced readability, especially in direct sunlight. In case you end up swimming more than swinging, a special AquaDura lens coating and watertight design keeps water out and provide players with a clear view of the field even in the rain. It also makes cleaning a worry-free affair. Using the device is similarly easy since there’s only one button. Visibility-wise the Pinmaster II features 7x magnification and even has a special dioptre setting to let those with glasses adjust the view exactly to their eye sight. The Leica tax you ask? A mere $800.

Buy Now: $800