No, it's not Elton John's ride

Mini Rocketman Concept

Mini is clearly not running out ideas. Case in point, the newly introduced Mini Rocketman Concept is a fairly radical design, even for Mini. Its exterior dimensions are closer to the original at only 11 feet long, and makes use of a carbon-fiber spaceframe that keeps weight down while giving the car a stunning proposed 94 mpg. Other Über cool dreamed-up features include the very noticeable double joint hinge doors that sweep forward when opening, and a removable central control unit, which can import navigation information, music or contacts from your computer. A high/low cargo split with a drawer opening is also something we’ve never seen before in the automotive industry. Something tells us, though, that it’s gonna be a long long time, til’ a translucent roof with a Union Jack superimposed appears on the final options list. More photos after the jump.