Simply Clean

Rocky Top Soap Shop Manly Man’s Gift Set

The grooming products sales strategy for most corporations is simple. Just release commercials packed with gorgeous women obsessed with some guy post shower, and maybe sprinkle in a few fighter jet flybys for good measure. We’re sure their internal data shows it works like a charm, but we tend to like the approach of the Rocky Top Soap Shop more. Each “manly” soap included in the kit is simply all natural, handmade and most importantly, unscented. The Shavin’ Soap obviously has specific intentions, thanks to its extra-frothy lather, while The Grit is packed with exfoliating ingredients to remove more stubborn grime. The bentonite clay and activated charcoal are more multipurpose in design, but both will leave you clean without any additional fuss. After all, that’s what your better half does best anyway.

Buy Now: $20