Say no to white

Killspencer iPad 2 Case (Like or Retweet to Win!)

Just like the original, but now for a secound round with the iPad 2, with or without those clever Smart Covers. The Killspencer iPad 2 Case ($189) continues the Pasadena based workshop’s awesome murdered out aesthete complete with premium black leather, soft covered neoprene lining, shoulder strap and RIRI Aquazip waterproof zippers. You’ll also find pockets to stash your iPhone (or Droid… no one’s looking), moleskine, and business cards. Seriously, we can’t think of a better reason not to get the white iPad 2.

Buy Now: $189

Our good friends at Killspencer are feeling extra sympathetic about all of you forking over yet another paycheck to Apple. Just “like” this post or GP on facebook; or, retweet this post with @gearpatrol and #blackisback to enter.